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Gunnar Hrafn Birgisson PsyD is a clinical psychologist and a couples and family therapist. His proficiency is in Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy (i.e. the original model of Cognitive Behavior Therapy, see https://albertellis.org) and in Strategic Couples and Family Therapy. He is a member of https://www.iarebt.org/

Gunnar is licensed in Iceland and USA. He has been in private practice since 1993. His office is at Klapparstigur 25-27, Reykjavik. Mobile no. is 354-696-0987. 

Gunnar has worked for various forensic agencies including the Courts; the Court Appeal; the Police; Child Protection Services; and the District Commissioner. He was Chief Psychologist for the U.S. Naval Air Station, Family Service Center in Keflavik.

Gunnar works for University of Iceland. He teaches graduate students in clinical psychology. and provides group therapy for students with various psychological problems. In 2013-2021 he was a Director of the Student Psychology Clinic that is part of the psychology department. He provided clinical training and supervision for MS graduates in clinical psychology.

As a clinical psychologist, I help people deal with difficult feelings, such as anxiety, depression, anger, guilt and shame. Also, help them to overcome traumatic experiences and establish post traumatic growth. As a solution-focused and multi-modal therapist, my goal is to help people flourish, uncover their true potential, increase health and quality of life. While we can't change the reality of difficult situations from the past, we can definitely change our view of them, effectively and constructively.    

Feel free to call or send me an e-mail if you have a question or want an appointment face to face or online.

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